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As an established implant referral practice, we thank all colleagues in our local community who put their trust in us to provide their patients with quality implant dentistry that we have on offer at OXFORD PLACE DENTAL. In addition, we now accept referrals for dental treatment under sedation, cone beam CT scanning for your implant patients and also OPG/lateral cephalometric imaging.

As a primary care provider of conscious sedation, we could treat individuals with no or well controlled systemic illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure etc.) who are classed as ASA I and II. For further guidance on ASA classification please visit: ASA Physical Status Classification System (Offsite link opens in a new window)

To refer your patients for CT scanning, Public Health England’s requirement is to sign an agreement between practices to make sure adequate training has been undertaken and scans are appropriately reported on. Please send us the completed agreement to arrange this if you wish to send your patients for scans.

If you would like to plan your implant cases digitally, OXFORD PLACE DENTAL also provides free of charge access to and training on our implant planning software which could then be utilised for 3D printing of surgical guides. The dental laboratory that we use, charges about £250 per guide.

We also offer adults and children orthodontic treatment. Of course not every case is suitable for treatment in a general practice in which case, we inform you and the patients and direct them to specialist orthodontic service.

As always, OXFORD PLACE DENTAL accepts your patients for the specific treatment that you have referred them to us for and we make sure they return to your practice for continuation of their care.

For your convenience, all referral forms are provided in both pdf and Word documents. They could be printed off and sent in post or downloaded, filled and emailed to us. To edit a pdf file, it should be opened with Acrobat Reader where you could use “fill & Sign” facility to add text to the form.

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Referral form for implants, sedation, orthodontics

Cone beam CT, service level agreement

Cone beam CT, imaging referral form

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