Dental care plans for adults and children

“Prevention is better than cure”.

By regularly attending the dentist, problems can be spotted early. For example, when a tiny tooth decay on the side of a tooth is detected on a radiograph during a checkup appointment. The remedy could then be minimal which might be as simple as paying particular attention in cleaning certain areas.

There is indeed no secret in having good oral health. For the most part, if people look after their teeth well and avoid too much sugar in their diet, as dentists we see very little need to carry out any dental treatment at all.

By joining our Dental Care Plan, you would become one of our regularly attending patients who receive two checkups and adequately spaced hygiene appointments during the course of the year. The hygiene sessions are an essential part of the Plan as Sally and Helen would assess your oral hygiene and educate you if there is room for improvement. We also take radiographs when needed to compliment our clinical examination. All fillings are also included in your Plan. There would be additional charges for root canal therapy, crowns, bridges or dentures but we would always advise you about this when we are planning your treatment with you.

Apart from simple treatment plans, you would normally receive a letter to outline the proposed treatment and costing. Finally, it is reassuring to know that you could access emergency dental care whenever you need it, whether you are home or abroad.

To get a better idea of what is and what is not included in our Dental Car Plans, please follow the links below:

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