Redefining Facial Features

As the person grows older, depending on various factors such as sun damage, smoking, exercise, water consumption and the type or frequency of their facial expressions, permanent wrinkles may gradually appear on the face as if facial muscles are in a state of constant spasm.

A number of factors have been suggested to prevent this, most of which are life style related, including healthy diet full of antioxidants, staying hydrated, avoiding sun exposure and smoking, and reducing stress in life. There are also ways to soften the wrinkles once they appear.

After our initial assessment, we would advise you how we could help with wrinkles, smokers lines around the lips, the sagging tissue just below the jaw line or “gummy smile”, a term to describe showing too much gum above top teeth when smiling.

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid does already exist in human tissue and it is what we use as lip filler to improve the shape and volume of lips.

Fillers could also be used in people with areas of slight depression just below the corners of the mouth which appear slightly darker than the surrounding skin and may give the person an unhappy look.

Choosing the right treatment for you....

In facial aesthetics, harmony is the key factor. Someone might be considering lip fillers to enhance their look. This is absolutely personal but looking at the whole picture, you might notice, actually an improvement in smile might have a bigger impact, perhaps some whiter or straighter teeth. Therefore, it is always useful to keep an open eye on all aspects that define your facial appearance and keep things in moderation. At OXFORD PLACE DENTAL, following the initial consultation, we would discuss with you all the options we have on offer to enhance your facial features and make sure the possibilities and limitations are fully explained to you.

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