Children's Dentistry

Children's Dentist in Barrow in Furness Cumbria

Childrens dentistry

At Oxford Place Dental in Barrow in Furness we understand that good oral hygiene and preventive dental care must begin at an early age. We ask parents to register their children at the practice and to encourage regular attendance for check-ups. To help you, we actively involve you and your children in dental education so that the importance of a good dental regime is fully appreciated.

We also understand the children can be very nervous so all of our staff are trained to be particularly sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of our younger patients – we want their visits to us to be as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

Fissure sealants

Fissures are small recesses in the surface of the teeth that can attract food debris leading to decay. This can be countered using a special dental sealant which is applied to the surface of the teeth to fill the recesses so that debris cannot build up. The treatment is painless and very effective.

Brushing technique and diet

We enjoy taking time to educate our younger patients in the correct way to brush their teeth and the advantages of a healthy diet.


Orthodontics concerns the straightening of the teeth which is particularly relevant for children as the teeth develop. We look out for any signs of tooth misalignment and will advise you about the best treatment options.


A great oral hygiene regime needs to start at an early age. We invite you and your children to register with us at Oxford Place Dental to get the ball rolling! We’ll be very pleased to see you.

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